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This band was formed in 2008 and is yet another project band by Whores of Babylon. This time it`s the various aspects of Brutal Metal that`s explored here.

In 2009 both these tracks did very well in the global Metal charts, one of them topped the global extreme Metal category for about 2 months ! \m/

There is a lot of new material for this band that has been completed or partly completed. By September 2013 there will be a mini album available here although these two tunes won`t be on that but they will be on the next mini album after that or both mini albums will be rolled into one album, we shall see

The debut Mini Album by COCS will be called `Dust to Dust` and is likely to have the following songs on it :

1. Olympus Mons
2. I Navnet til Odin
3. Tombraiders
4. Fields of Flesh (working title)
5. Messiah

In the meantime the demo versions of these two tracks are free for you to download, enjoy ! \m/


released June 16, 2013

Julian Hill (Gobz) - Everything in General
Joseph White - Lead Guitar Solos & Acoustic Guitar on track 2


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Lovegun Records Bristol, UK

Lovegun Records is a label created to facilitate the `Whores of Babylon` family of Bands and Musical Projects.

Some of the bands have previously signed to : Peaceville, Skyfall, Candlelight & Music for Nations

All bands are credited to Julian Hill & Joseph White and include : Whores of Babylon, Soundisciples, Noiselab Project, Corporation of Corpse Stealers & Drunken Pirates
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