Burn it Down (2014)




After a wait of 12 years finally another SOUNDISCIPLES album !

We`ve always thought of our band Soundisciples as an experimental band genre wise, crossing over Metal with various other styles and hence the title of our first album `Undefined in 1999

Note : we are adding one more song to this album `Activate` hopefully in the next few weeks, just needs vocals for it.

This mini album is a kind of Hybrid of Metal with Melodic Punk & Heavy Rock ideas.

The first album `Undefined` released by Music For Nations/Peaceville in 1999 was a hybrid of Metal fused with a gothic sense & Technology beats & Synths ( the band and our material here is kind of an evolution of our other main band `Whores of Babylon` )

The Second album `Audio Manifesto` released by Peaceville/Snapper in 2002 explored Gothic infused Metal blended with brit pop & DJ ideas

The Techno/Electronica type sounds of the first album from `Undefined` are no more but kind of live on in our Electronica/Industrial project band `Noiselab Project` ( also on bandcamp )

We also dabble with extreme Metal these days too with another of our new project bands `Corporation of Corpse Stealers` ( also in our bandcamp store ) where we take influences from Thrash, Death, Black & Folk Metal ! !

also there is a video of `RIDERS ON THE STORM here :


released June 18, 2014


Joseph White - All Guitars & Bass Guitar
Julian `Gobz` Hill - Keyboards & Drum arrangements
David Edgar - Vocals

also thanx to :
Andy Couzens ( Rock Lord ) - Vocals on Riders on the Storm

All Music, arrangements & Lyrics written by White & assisted by Hill
Engineered & Mixed by Hill, produced by Hill/White


all rights reserved



Lovegun Records Bristol, UK

Lovegun Records is a label created to facilitate the `Whores of Babylon` family of Bands and Musical Projects.

Some of the bands have previously signed to : Peaceville, Skyfall, Candlelight & Music for Nations

All bands are credited to Julian Hill & Joseph White and include : Whores of Babylon, Soundisciples, Noiselab Project, Corporation of Corpse Stealers & Drunken Pirates
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