Dust to Dust (2014)




Corporation of Corpse Stealers `Dust to Dust`

So then here we have it, our first `band style` release in about 12 years ! ( apart from some instrumental projects release in 2013 )

Corporation of Corpse Stealers ( COCS ) is one of the more recent Studio based bands from the minds behind Bristol`s Whores of Babylon & Soundisciples (previously signed to other record labels from 1994 – 2003).

Formed in 2008, the musical direction explored here is extreme metal and incorporates influences from Thrash, Death, Black & Folk Metal.

Even though the music is extreme we think that it`s also pretty `catchy` too, and, more often than not, most of the tracks differ a bit from each other in style more than you would usually find on an album by an artist

We are particularly proud of this as we haven`t really had a budget to work with and just 2 of us have produced the entire thing ourselves at our home studio (DeathPop)

There is also a 3 track demo featuring different songs by COCS from 2009 in the bandcamp store which is free to download.

Also find us on :

our Lovegun records main site here www.lovegun.co.uk

and also on Reverbnation ( www.reverbnation.com/corporationofcorpsestealers )

& Facebook (www.facebook.com/pages/Corporation-of-Corpse-Stealers )

plus our Youtube channel which represents all of our bands and projects under the Lovegun banner (www.youtube.com/user/WhoresOfBabylon )


released February 26, 2014

Juian `Gobz` Hill - Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums
Joseph `Dr Knox` White - Lead Guitar overdubs, Acoustic Guitar



all rights reserved


Lovegun Records Bristol, UK

Lovegun Records is a label created to facilitate the `Whores of Babylon` family of Bands and Musical Projects.

Some of the bands have previously signed to : Peaceville, Skyfall, Candlelight & Music for Nations

All bands are credited to Julian Hill & Joseph White and include : Whores of Babylon, Soundisciples, Noiselab Project, Corporation of Corpse Stealers & Drunken Pirates
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Track Name: Hell and Back
VERSE 1 pt 1

Cross the horn, unborn, feel my scorn
The writing, is there on, display
Forced and draining, you always are complaining
But now it`s time for you to

Pay – your – dues - you - bastard

Forced out, hear me shout, go without
The sufferance, of letting, you stay
4 star droning, the never ending moaning
and always, you`re Running, awayyyyyyyyyyyy

Verse 1 pt 2

Once you find, when you fall, what it will be
Sea of shame, not so tall, a reason you see
in your face, you`re a disgrace, get outta my place
feel the wrath, and do the math, and no embrace


(gonna take you to)
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell and back
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell and back

Verse 2 pt 1

Feel the bomb, give you some , Megaton
For the life, you only had
No more complying, my patience it is dying
Crystal clear it is and

Mag-ni-fied I see you

I insist, a fist, from the wrist
Is pounding, you down like, some clay
The art of gambling, and your incessant rambling
And here it is, the only Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Verse 2 pt 2

Doom . . . . . . . . . now to be your
Tomb . . . . . . . . . this is the law
Sigh . . . . . . . . . . you may want to
My . . . . . . . . . . . Wrath upon you


(gonna take you to)
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell and back
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell and back

Fast Verse

Pushing down the feelings gonna keep them at bay
Just enough for now, and I`m making you pay
Crossing all the markers just a line in the sand
All draw standards
Feeding off your agony to Hell you will go, no
point to try and fight it there until you can show, that
a lesson has been learnt, and you`re fading away
only then I`ll pull you back
Track Name: Olympus Mons

Nix, O-lympica
O`er, 10 miles high
A born creation
To the sky

A Magma chamber
The lake Caldera
Yeah she blows


get inside . . .

visualize . . .

Realize. . . O-Lym-Pus Mons



See their eyes. . . O-Lym-Pus Mons


Ba - saltic Lava
It grows and grows
Static tectonic
The Tharsis Bulge

A Magma chamber
The lake Caldera
Yeah she blows

Mid 1:

They are sheep, like cattle they run, now he follows
Not turning their heads, lest they all see, the whites of his eyes
A realisation that they feel the need to, band to-gether
But all is in vain cos the man is insane and nobody cares for their cries

Mid 2:

Stalking his prey, he opens his claws, realm of terror
Stay out of his way, no time to pause, now pay for your lies
Crossing the man, a god awful plan, was their error
They drove him to this, now they head for Abyss and everyone out here all dies
Track Name: I Navnet til Odin

Into the battle together we cry
Brethrin for ever
This is a day, a good day to die
swords pulled from leather

Cleeve to the left, cleve to the right
Here is our mission for Odin we fight
Victory`s ours, on a proud day. For
Harald Hardrada the king of Norway


Riseeeee I nav ne til Odin

Riseeeee I nav ne til Odin


Glorious battle at Fulford today
Hail Hail Tostig
Tributes they come, corpus mente
Coffers grow big

Bridge of the dead, defender of us
Broken is he now repel them we must

Stamford surprise, his body now lies but
40 they fell, until his demise


The Beserker rage
Release them from their cage
Retrieve thy Ravens flag
Return to bring it back


Together we rose, brothers we all
Now we suffer
Beaten aback and now we will fall
All to geth er

Godwinson wrath, Godwinson might
Godwinson steel and Godwinson fight

Harald is dead, Godwinson scorn
Sealing our fate from the day we were born.


We try and yet we fail
It is to no avail
To As – gard –they are bound
Our bodies on the ground
Track Name: TombRaiders
Living life enslaved
More than I could ever say
Steadfast low
Like a shallow blow

In the eye
Falling down the depths you die
Come what may
We`ll change it from today

Shamooohsh a what you say
Scythe by a tomestone
Shameyesh and then today
Your scythe you shall never never

Your soul a what you say
Light by a tomestone
Your eyes and then today
No sight you shall never never


Journey to the crypts
Anticipation on your lips
Encased they lie
Waiting there they died

In decay
It doesn`t matter anyway
Caress their hand
I am a twisted man

Aaaaye aaaaaaam

I am a twisted man
Aaaaye aaaaaaam
Track Name: Fields of Flesh
Verse 1

Millions they sent and then millions they marched
As Kitchener sent them to war
Tomy`s and Huns, the Kaiser his sons
To slaughter by order of Boar

Down in a trench with a god awful stench
They`re digging a tomb in the mud
a senseless portrayal, an act of betrayal to
be sealed with the rivers of blood


O-vertop, the
Bodies drop, cut
Down like weeds, the
Field it bleeds

Bridge 1


Verse 2

In Pools of blood, the death from above
Below, to the side and the front
A cycle of fear, your demise drawing near
this ain`t no traditional hunt

The gagging and choking and fighting for breath
Expand in the lungs, no ceremonial death
The mustard it grabs you now reach for the mask
In a desperate attempt are you up to the task


O-vertop, the
Bodies drop, cut
Down like weeds, the
Field it bleeds

Bridge 1


CHORUS version 2

World War
World War, War,warrr

Fields - of - Flesh

Verse 3

Down in the earth to a tunnel give birth
a plan By the light of the moon
the fuse they all shout, now get the hell out
The carnage an impending doom

all blown to bits by the thousands they die
snuffed out in their prime in the blink of an eye
parts of the bodies are blown to the wind and
the bits that remain a reminder of sin